Welcome to the world of Mandolin Bridge! 

We are a 4 piece band from southwest Ohio, and we are experiencing a joy and an excitement, playing together, that is a world of it’s own. 

We love to share this excitement, and we live to make music for our friends. 

YOU make it fun and special for us, every single time out.  

You are part of the magic, and we love you for it.  


Mandolin Bridge has 2 exciting open jams happening now, both with a different flavor and charm of their own.
Our Wednesday night jam happens at the Little River Cafe in Oregonia, a lovely place by the bike path on the Little Miami River. It has a large patio where the band sets up, and guest jammers sit in and sing & play. There’s something about being outdoors that is relaxing, while the jamming is fun and interesting — you never know what you’ll see, guitarists, singers, accordions, even a “singing saw” one night! 
Our Thursday night jam is at the brand new Dougie’s Hangout in Lebanon, Ohio. Doug and Cindy are 2 of the nicest people you’ll meet, and they are living their dream of having the best sports bar in Lebanon. They have a unique menu (we can tell you their Hog Wings are awesome!), and the food is made from scratch. 
And, the music is also made from scratch, where local folks come in and jam with the band. Whether Billy from Philly shows up with his harmonicas, or Rockne brings his lap top steel guitar, it’s always a good time. 
Both jams are for all ages and all levels — we have some incredible talent walk through the door, but we really love it when someone gets in front of an audience for the very first time. You’ll find an encouraging audience, and we provide a full band set up, drums, amps etc — it’s  just waiting for you to come and join in! 
And of course, at the end of the night, the “all star jam” often breaks out, where people that have never played together become a band for a little while and play their hearts out. . .
There is only one rule at the Mandolin Bridge jams, and that is:
Let’s Have Fun!
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