Welcome to the world of Mandolin Bridge! 

We are a five piece band from southwest Ohio experiencing the joy and  excitement of making music together that is a world of it’s own. 

We love to share this excitement and we live to make music for our friends. 

YOU make it fun and special for us every single time out.  

You are part of the magic, and we love you for it.  


"Mandolin Bridge is the best Band I've seen and heard since the '60s. They're absolutely animated and entertaining on stage, putting on a terrific show at every occasion. They're a must See". - Michael McQueary Sr.

"The Ballroom was packed by folks having the time of their lives, non stop!" -  Milton Athletic Club Newsletter

"You guys are the most awesome band I have seen in a few decades." - Sherry Snell

"Mandolin Bridge brings a HUGE crowd! We plan to get there early." - Lynn Hall Eaton

"This band kept all of us up dancing for 4 hours. Thank you, Mandolin Bridge, it was so nice to hear you play for us tonight!
- Cheryl Caskey

"Mandolin Bridge is a crowd favorite and always plays the kind of music people like to dance to. Fun night!" - William David Dice

"They packed the place last night! It's been a long time since I have seen the club that crowded!" - Sandi Williman Paxton

 "Thought I would stay for 2 sets and ended up at last call. Great to hear and see these great musicians. Looking forward to the next gig." - Butch Determan

"Some of the greatest people and performers we've have had the pleasure of meeting - Mandolin Bridge!" - Kasi Collins Grimme

"Mandolin Bridge had us up dancing all night long. Jan House can really sing, I love her voice." - Dennis Caskey

 "It's always an awesome time with these guys!" - The Hitching Post
"Mandolin Bridge packs a dance floor" - Anita Blankenship
"Best band EVER!" - Lisa Allen

"This band is THE BEST around ! Thanks to Jan and Robin House, Joe Clooney, and Mike Willis. Super good mix ya'll." - Paul Watson
"My favorite Band!" - Jennifer Nelson

"Had a great time with friends tonight listening to Mandolin Bridge. They were awesome as usual." - Rosaland Spencer

"Not only are they talented but they're the best!" - Joy Austin Wilson-Akers.

"We all love to dance and how can we not when we have you all playing. You're just awesome!" - Debb Wilder

"This is a great Band. They keep you up dancing all night and they're wonderful people." -Debbie Johnson

"What an awesome group of entertainers!"- Shelley Wogan

"Danced our hearts out all night. My favorite band!" - Jane Conrad

"Not only are these folks about as good of musicians as you'll ever see, they're also some of the best people you'll ever meet. Thanks for being one of our faves." - The Little River Cafe

"Best Band around. Every one of them are so talented and so friendly. Love them all." - Shirley Frey

"You have four performers each with an outstanding voice, each very proficient on their musical instrument who have a polished, comfortable stage presences that comes from having done many shows. In addition, the club manager and I were impressed by the large number of followers that attended their event." - Ron Gable


Update: We now have a new calendar page for mobile phones! Our shows are listed as text instead of a calendar so you can find us more easily on your smart phones. Just click on the box to the left of the name , "Mandolin Bridge"

A little bit about the band and a demo.

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